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apple variety apple ranking (0-10) general opinions would I recommend?

cosmic crisp

cosmic crisp
9.7 the most deliciousest perfectest apple ever. they're perfectly crunchy and sweet and so scrumpdidlyumptious. the only reason they're not a 10/10 is bc they're kinda pricey yes. 100% yes. (they are a little expensive tho)


honeycrisp apple
9.4 delicious. almost perfection. they're really similar to cosmic crisps, but they're a little more sweet than tart. still they've got incredible crunch and are overall an incredible apple. absolutely yes. any apple enjoyer should try it at least once, especially if you're a fan of sweetness.


fuji apple
7.0 a pretty typical apple. it's like the og baseline apple. it's sweet, it's got crunch, but it's nothing spectactular. a mid rating for a mid apple. yes. it's overall a great option. i very recommend

red delicious

red delicious
6.4 they're ok. nice and crunchy, but the skin is really thick. they're also kinda dry for some reason? and not all that sweet yes (tentatively) (and only if there are no other options) (but let's be real there's always gonna be fuji apples so just get a fuji apple)


gala apple
4.5 they're mushy and tasteless. ok they're not completely tasteless but "mild sweetness" is basically tasteless. this apple is what i'd assume kinetic sand tastes like no. this apple is like the embodiment of the great depression. famine food. but i guess they'd be good for freaks who like mushy apples

granny smith

granny smith
2.7 way too sour. the crunch is nice but nothing can fix that sourness. also i think they look kinda ugly (green apples remind me of poison apples) never eat these. maybe they're good for pies though?

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