apples r love apples r life

best ways to eat apples (the correct opinon)

  1. like the top chunk of a d20 (like a chip? crisp?)
  2. sliced (normal way)
  3. cubed (cubes r like the size of a die)
  4. diced (cube sides smaller than 0.5 cm)
  5. caramel apples
  6. sliced up caramel apple
  7. diced caramel apple
  8. juice
  9. apple pie
  10. apple sauce but with cinnamon added in
  11. plain apple sauce (ew)
  12. caramel apple sauce (extra ew)
  13. pureeed caramel apple with walnuts and almonds sprinkled in (the most ew)

best apple varieties (the most correct) (also a work in progress)

ok so actually i don't really remember what each apple variety is like (and tbh they kinda all taste the same) so like yeah

um anyways heres another more specific apple rating chart? which apple da bestest??? hmmm

welcome to watchmojo's top five list of the most bestest apples

  1. cosmic crisp
  2. honeycrisp
  3. ambrosia
  4. pinklady
  5. fuji